I have always wanted to teach. I think it’s not something I openly share with anyone on a daily basis but I’d like to make today an exception. No, I’m not launching something new or introducing something fresh, but in the years I’ve spent in the industry, I think it would be a first that I get to write about this special piece that holds a place in my heart.

Nicolai and I have been blessed with so much to be where we are now and we know that things could only stay as great for as long as we could imagine. Even before when we were just starting, we’ve always looked forward to the day that we’d be able to share what we know, what we experienced and basically almost everything about this fun, crazy and amazing journey to following our dreams. And we’d like people who share the same passion to have us on board not for anything else, but just to guide them, encourage and celebrate with them in their triumphs and defeats.

The goal was simple which was to create for us a pool of photographers, but not just to train them skilfully, more so to see through their character and how they grow as their own artists. It would be a lie to say that we knew we were perfect to take on this role as mentors and it took most of our days ceaselessly praying about it that we would be the right people to guide them on their aspirations. Though we are fairly new to this, it is with utmost confidence and conviction that we know by God’s grace, we’ll be leading our team to amazing heights.

Seeing how much they’ve progressed from when they first started, swells us up with so much pride and happiness that it makes us feel, at the very least, that we are doing something right. Knowing full well how busy the following months would be, we’d like to treat and introduce the team in a way that will not just boost their confidence but also for them to look forward that from here on, there are so many great things that will be ahead of them individually and ahead of us as team. Knowing firsthand how it was to be dolled up and groomed during the preparation period of our wedding, we’d like them to experience the same.

It is with so much joy from Nicolai and I to be sharing with you our team and the family that is Team Villaruel! How we wish we could accommodate everyone to even spend just a day with us, over a meal, sharing our lives and our passion about what we do and on how to shed greater light on the huge potential in the industry that we are in; to love and share and not compete. After all, we grow by loving and you’ve given us so much of that that it’s only right to give back the way we know how smile emoticon

Have a blessed and fruitful Sunday everyone!



Styling by Aira Franco-Capistrano

HMUA by Toni Aviles

TeamV from Law Tapalla on Vimeo.



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